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GoodFloow automates packaging tracking and management
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Management and tracking solution for reusable industrial packaging

Transition from disposable to sustainable packaging

Switching from disposable cardboard industrial packaging to reusable packaging eliminates packaging waste, reduces CO2 emissions and improves the ergonomics of factory workstations. As a result, they bring a clear improvement in the CSR rating of the companies that use them. But if they are profitable in the long term, the return on investment is prolonged by asset management issues.

They talk about it with us
  • Les principaux problèmes sont les problèmes d’inventaire et un suivi fiable qui est presque impossible à réaliser.

    Les entreprises du secteur, qui nous facturent un service, sont elles-mêmes incapables de mettre en place un suivi clair et transparent avec leurs clients.

    G.  L.

    Sogefi Group
  • Si nous utilisons des emballages réutilisables, la question est comment les retourner du client au centre de distribution ?

    Pour les utiliser, nous devrions le faire en accord avec nos fournisseurs, et les contraintes actuelles nous empêchent d’avoir une visibilité sur les flux de retour des emballages depuis nos fournisseurs.

    J.  R.

    Aldes Aeraulique
The causes of a low ROI
  • Follow-up : People needed to return the packages
  • Visibility: Overstock of each partner of the logistic loop if nobody has a global vision
  • Reliability: Overstock due to the lack of reliable, real-time indicators
  • Storage: Space needed to store empty packaging
  • Losses: Repurchase of lost, broken or stolen packaging
  • Change: Training of operators following the transition from disposable to sustainable

Towards a Sustainable & Agile Supply Chain

Make reliable logistic loops

  • Know your stock in real time
  • Assign the responsibility of your packaging to the partner who is in charge of it
  • Early warning malfunctions
  • Simplify decision making

Reduce Costs

  • Eliminate positions dedicated to monitoring
  • Prevent loss and/or theft
  • Banning overstocking of packaging
  • Transform your supply chain by making it agile

Improve the CSR note

  • Reduce CO² emissions
  • Improve operator ergonomy
  • Removing wastes due to disposable packaging

The GoodFloow Solution

Goodfloow is a solution that automates the tracking and management of your returnable industrial packaging 24/7 throughout Europe. The innovation consists in reliably allocating the packaging to a partner in the logistics loop, without infrastructure. With a Plug & Play implementation, without infrastructure and without specific development, Goodfloow is an independent application dedicated to industrial returnable packaging. Thus, our system offers a key solution to enable the eco-responsible transition in the industry.

Connected object

  • Monitors your packaging anywhere in Europe, 24/7
  • Minimizes its energy consumption with embedded AI
  • Eliminates planned obsolescence with a lifespan of over 7 years
  • Reduces installation cost because it does not use infrastructure


  • Assigns a responsible person to each package
  • Analyse in real-time, the situation of each package thanks to an AI
  • Identifies alerts and malfunctions
  • Notifies each user of the actions to be taken


  • Consults reliable packaging inventory without taking inventory
  • Controls the cause of malfunctions
  • Exchange with other partners in the logistics loop
  • Receives the corrections to be made: inspect the shocked, recover the isolated, etc…
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